Take 33 Presents

Their Finest Hour


When Edith, a young hard-working trainee nurse, meets Noah during New Year's 1939, all the darkness lurking around London as the Nazis try to make their way into England seems to vanish for a moment. The couple falls in love and everything seems perfect for a while until Edith is assigned to take care of the famously controversial writer Rita Morgan. Fascinated by Rita's daring feminist stance and the homo-erotic tone of her novels, Edith finds an ally against the sexist norms of a crumbling society. Three people ahead of their time, three forms of love and too many secrets... even if they survive the war as Hitler's armies close in... can they survive one another?

Their Finest Hour is produced by Take 33 and is a tale about how love and survival can bring us together as much as it can tear us apart. It is the first play by Matheus Guimaraes and features a cast of rising stars including Rosa Coduri, Sadie Peperrel and Thomas Weir.


Leicester Square Theatre

6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX

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